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I don’t know about you, but I used to have a cabinet full of different cleaners for tons of different things; oven cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, windex, bleach, etc. Every time I cleaned anything, I breathed in what seemed like toxic air when I scrubbed my floors, toilets, And every nook and cranny of my home. After having my first child, I decided that toxic chemicals weren’t going to cut it. I wanted to use something that if, God forbid, my son got into, I wouldn’t have to call poison control.

And with that, I finally went searching for a solution. I scored the different options on Pinterest and I found a few recipes that seemed promising. Although none of them were perfect, I finally put together a concoction that made a real difference. It is made of just 3 ingredients, you probably have them at home and they don’t cost much (so if you don’t have them at home I would suggest you do it right away!)

Below is the recipe for the BEST all-purpose cleaning solution. It will literally work on everything. I use it in my kitchen and bathrooms. I use it to take soap scum and mold off of showers. I use it on my walls and base boards. Not only is it better than all the harsh cleaners I have used in the past, it is also so much cheaper. And best of all, it’s safe!

The BEST All-Purpose Cleaner

You will need:

1) distilled white vinegar
2) hydrogen peroxide
3) blue dawn dish soap
4) generic sprayer

Fill your sprayer with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dawn dish soap. Mix by shaking and use!

And that’s it! It is really that simple. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and if you use it on fabrics, it can bleach it out. I have not had experiences with this, but I know that’s a general concern when using hydrogen peroxide. There are a lot of people who just use dawn dish soap and vinegar. It works, but I don’t find it as effective as using this mixture with the hydrogen peroxide. If you have some hard gunk really building up, sprinkle some baking soda on it first, then spray it with this cleaner and scrub. That mixture takes off pretty much everything. Now, get to cleaning!

Have something in your carpet or on your upholstery? Check out my Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaner. It will even remove the smell of urine! (If you have kid or animals you that it’s a thing)

Or, you can mix similar ingredients for a safe, Non-Toxic Weed Killer!

If you try it, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Pro Tip: Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your cleaner. Lemon essential oil not only makes your cleaner smell good, it will also help get tough grime off of the oven or the mold and soap scum off of your shower.

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Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaner