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I requested and received a free sample of Nipz pads in the mail and, although I was not asked to write a review on them, I still wanted to let all the breastfeeding mamas out there know that this wonderful product exits. Nipz pads were originally invented to be the pasties of the breastfeeding world. I mean, when you’re having that intimate moment with your significant other, the last thing you want is milk spraying halfway across the room or to be held down by that overbearing breastfeeding bra; both of which are realistic results of being a breastfeeding mother. The whole point of these pads is to absorb any type of moisture (just like any other breast pad) without having to wear a bra. And, let me tell you, they work!

Directly from their website, Nipz pads are described as:

Adorn yourself with expressions of intimacy and freedom with Nipz pads – nursing pads for the modern breastfeeding mom. Made with hypoallergenic, skin-friendly adhesive (100% latex-free). Nipz pads are sexy and comfortable to wear, and simple to peel off. Unlike traditional nursing pads, Nipz pads do not require a bra. Nipz are disposable and hygienic, safe to use, and smooth to the touch (100% polyester fabric exterior). Perfect for your romantic moments or times when you want to let down a little.

When I received the pads in the mail, they weren’t too big, maybe 3 to 4 inches wide? As you can see in the picture, they are cute little hearts with about a two inch diameter for nipple coverage and absorption. There are currently two colors available, light tan and a darker brown. So, unless you are super pale (like me) or super dark, it will blend in pretty well to your skin.

For reference, I wear a full C, small D cup when I am breastfeeding (I’m normally a B cup.) These cover a large portion of my breast and feel really comfortable. Obviously, it isn’t as nice and carefree as going braless, but they definitely beat having to wear a breastfeeding bra. The material is soft and latex free, so no worries if you have latex allergies. They do not itch or feel irritating in the slightest. In fact, they are thinner and lighter than a band-aid.

The adhesive is similar to a band-aid, with a similar absorbancy section which should be placed over the nipple. To my delight, the adhesive used in Nipz pads does not feel abrasive or overly sticky and comes off much easier than that of a band-aid, it also leaves no adhesive residue.

I purposefully did not pump or breastfeed before I wore these because I wanted my milk to drop in an effort to test their absorbancy. I have an incredibly heavy letdown, as in, shoot 5 feet across the room, take an eye out, kind of letdown. I need something that will keep it all in. Let’s be honest, nothing ruins your good time like spraying milk all over the place! To really test these out, I stimulated a letdown. The adhesive held on and all the milk from my letdown was absorbed. These things work! I can attest (because I pump often) that during a letdown, without pumping, I release about 1 to 2ml of breast milk. These suckers held on to all of it. I was thoroughly impressed. If you are looking for a product that works, these will do the trick. Similar to band-aids, these are disposable. So, once you’re done with them, you throw them out.

Aside from using Nipz pads during your intimate moments, there are a number of other useful ways to use these. These could also be used under evening gowns, swimsuits, shirts that you cannot easily wear a bra under, or any other type of “non-bra wearing” expedition. I plan to wear these on my trip to Las Vegas, where I’ll be wearing a bikini all day and if I have an accidental letdown, I’ll be covered!

Another point to consider is that Nipz pads will also keep your nipples at bay, so you don’t poke an eye out! So, if you aren’t worried about an accidental letdown, but don’t want the world to see your nipplies through that shirt or dress, slap on a Nipz pad!I know most women like to go around their home braless regardless of size. These will allow you to let the twins free in your comfy, oversized t-shirt while in the privacy of your home and you won’t have to worry about accidental leakage.

Of course, depending on how large your breasts are, it may just be impossible to let the ladies loose to begin with. I will let the larger busted women try these out and give their opinion on how well they work.

If you visit their website Nipz pads are priced at $9.99 for 20 pads, which equates to 10 pairs at $1.00 a pair. Although not overly expensive, if you breastfeed for a year or more, the price definitely adds up. Maybe my husband and I get busy more often than others! I see this as the only disadvantage to the product.

On a side note, I’d love to see these in different colors and shapes! Maybe a little bejeweled and sparkly options? Or, in the shape of a star? I think that would make it a bit more fun!

Summary: Works as described, lightweight, comfortable and useful. I will also use them in the future for both the initial intended purpose and to prevent leakage while wearing a bathing suit or evening gown. The only disadvantage to this product is that they are a single usage, pricier item. Overall, I would recommend this product to others!

Suggestions – I’d love more color and shape options!

Click here to be directed to the Nipz pads website!