The Semi-Crunchy Mama

Building a Sustainable Home, Garden and Life

About Me

Starting From Scratch

Hello and welcome to my personal, homesteading, do-it-yourself and frugal lifestyle blog! I have created this blog to hold myself accountable for a new “crunchy” lifestyle while living deep in the suburbs, keep track of my progress and allow for others to learn with me along the way!

My name is Elizabeth and I have just recently become a stay at home mom of three. After working full-time for years, this is a huge shift for me and my family. In an effort to save money and live a healthier and more simplified lifestyle, I have chosen to take up blog writing and in doing so, create some residual income.

I am a young adult with three children under four. I grew up on a large piece of land where I raised and showed chickens and ducks, and learned how to garden. When I left for college, I moved to the city and left my “crunchy” ways behind. I have finally decided to come back to my roots by homesteading in my small suburban backyard. I hope to learn the best natural techniques for all areas of life and invite you to join me in my journey.

So why “semi-crunchy?”

Well, let’s be honest here, living in the suburbs means having access to all of the modern day conveniences. I am not completely willing to give up on all these conveniences and live off the grid. However, I think it’s important to learn and teach homesteading skills. I also believe that homesteading brings a certain level of pride on a job well done. Lastly, it’s a great way to save money and live healthier and simpler.

So please consider following me on facebook, pin me on Pinterest or subscribe to my blog and let’s figure out this “semi-crunchy” lifestyle together!